Pictured below are some of our most popular carnival games.  Prices range from $30-$49 per game. We also offer some "older" traditional games such as tick tac toe, bean bag toss, frisbee toss, ring toss & more! Traditional games are just $20 each.  Please contact us and we will provide you with a complete price list.

Carnival Midway 

Fish Out of Water

  • 2x4 Table Top Game
  • Pick a Fish Race to the Finish!  Win the Prize!  Comes with 10-12 Fish.
  • $49

Dual Bowler Roller


Monster Knockdown

Baseball Catcher

Bubble Machine

Hi Striker

  • Test your strength against the Hi-Striker.  Are you man or mouse! 
  • Sets up indoors or outside...
  • $125.00

New Jr. Hi Striker

  • Our Jr. Hi Striker, spittin' image of our adult game.  A classic game now available for children.
  • Comes with a 3 lb. Rubber Maul.
  • $95 (delivery without other items is available, transport fees apply.)

Rat Race

  • 2x4 Table Top Game
  • Quick, there's Cheese at the Finish Line!  Win the Prize.  Comes with 5 Rats.
  • $49

Snake Pit 

Chicken Flight School 

Putt Putt 

Stand a Bottle 

Carnival Game Tents

Milk Bottle Toss 

Cobra Wacky Wire

Corn Hole Game

Calf Roping Fun

  • 3 stations available with lasso's to try to rope your calf!
  • $195.00

Giant Bullseye!

  • An alternative for a cash cube or prize wheel. Give your staff, or customer’s a chance to hit the bulls eye for great prizes or cash giveaways!..9 x 9 x 3 area required. 
  • $225.00 - Up to 6 hrs.


Milk The Cow

  • Here's Bessie, our milking cow.  Grab your friends and have a milking contest. 
  • Comes complete with milking pale, timer, and step stool.
  • Water Access Required for Milking machine. 
  • Great for extended events such as festivals, and multiple day event. 
  • Call for Pricing.  

Ring an Elk 

Monster Dentist 

Hit the Bucket

Carnival Game Fronts  

Tug of War 

Spin Art

Balloon Typhoon

  • Its Taz!  This is a catch & grab game for the youngsters. 
  • Fill with balloons and the fun begins.
  • $165.00