Leaps and Bounds

  • Our newest interactive, think Wipeout! An obstacle course unlike any other!
  • Features four huge red inflatable balls surrounded by a blue ball pit w/ Zeros Shock technology.
  • 15x39x14 area required with 2 dedicated 20 amp electrical service within 80' of electrical source.
  •  $700.00..............................Up to 6 hrs.

Chaos Challenge

  • Inflatable interactive with 2 Slides, 2 Basketball Shoots and an Obstacle Run that ties it all together with Bouncy space! 
  • Big Enough for Adults to play too.
  • 27x28x15 area required with 2~  20 amp dedicated electrical circuits.
  • $600.00...........Up to 6 hrs. 

Wrecking Ball

  • It's big, it's bold, and it's extreme! It's the Ultimate High Energy game.
  • (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads & knock the player off of their inflated pad.
  •  $600.00.........Up to 6 hrs.

Rockwall Climb (Inflated)

  • 4-sided, with belays.  Two players at once.
  • Requires two attendants. (Staff is additional.)
  • $345.00.........Up to 6 hrs.

Rapid Fire

  • Four players in teams of two will battle against each other in this a game of intensity, adrenaline and fast action!
  • Call For Pricing.Up to 6 hrs.

Basketball Shootout

  • Fully inflated, fast-paced sports challenge.  Two-person game with real basketball backboards, and great ball return!..
  • Call For Pricing.Up to 6 hrs.

Bungee Run

  • 35' two lane competitor race.  Race your opponent , the bungee cord snaps you back!..
  • $395.00..............Up to 6 hrs.

Traditional Sumo Wrestling

  • The original sumo suits! Basho is the name of the game. Complete with mat, helmets, mitts!..
  • Customer Pickup Price, call for delivery rate.
  • $300.00..............Up to 6 hrs.

Trophy Game Hunter by Laser Shot

  • Just like Buck Hunter, shoot targets, varmints, boar & more!
  • 10x10x10 area required, a volunteer with electronic gaming skills a plus.

  •  $450.00.........Up to 6 hrs.

Slam N' Jam

  • Makes dreams come true for young basketball fans! Shoot the basket and dunk like the professionals with this active inflatable play structure.
  • Each person can shoot a free throw, then run and jump on the center trampoline and catch the falling basketball for a show-stopping slam dunk through the dunk hoop.
  • This is for ALL ages!
  • 30'x20'x20' Required, and 1 ~ 15 amp dedicated electrical.
  • Call for pricing. Up to 6 hrs

Human Bowling

  • New bowling ball (no helmet required) teammates roll you down the 40 ft. long alley to score a strike or knock down as many 5 ft. pins as possible.
  • $425.00..............Up to 6 hrs.

Invasion Laser Tag

  • As red beams tear through the spacecraft, your mission is to take over the alien base of USS Carnival Times!..
  • Call For Pricing.Up to 6 hrs.

First Down

  • Inflatable football pass game for 2 players. A great way to promote exercise, healthy competition and sportsmanship, and is a fun addition to any birthday party or event for guests of any age.
  • $265.00................. for up to 6 hrs.

Gladiator Joust

  • The American Gladiator Game! Complete with headgear and jousting poles!..
  • Requires 23x23x6 area. 1 ~ 15 amp dedicated electrical circuit.
  • $425.00..............Up to 6 hrs.