Spring 2016!!

Welcome to Spring, well almost!  Carnival Times spent the winter months gearing up on our services, as well as new attractions to make your company party or backyard gathering one to remember.  Thinking back;  moonwalks or bounce houses use to be the exciting new accompaniment to parties.  Well, times have changed and while these are still a great fun way to celebrate and give kiddo's something to do as party preparations take place; crazy themes and bigger attractions are making it possible for folks to AMP up their party!
We have added our third mechanical bull, Whiplash.  Yep, he's quite the character!  Also,  another backyard obstacle course to our inventory that is your step up from "just a moonwalk" and still within budget!  Pictures to come soon! 
Carnival Times is also providing a webpage dedicated to carnival games.  We plan to increase our game inventory so that there are many more choices for your party without breaking the budget.
We always look forward to this time of year when the weather gets better and planning is underway for outdoor fun.   Community Events last year were in full swing by May, so be sure to contact us soon for a consult about what works best for your public venue.
Discounts!!  Yes, we have them!  Let us design a package for you.  The bigger the event the larger the savings.  Right now we are offering 10% off any party, whether it is a single moonwalk or a big blowout!  2016 is going to be a great year, with fun times!  We are here to provide you with the best inflatables, mechanical bulls and specialty items at the best rates, with the best service! 
Party On.....

Beverly Hills Krueger

Jump into Spring or should we say... Slide!

Spring is here, but Summer is just around the corner, and is going to bring the heat along with it.  The ever so popular water inflatable slides, slip n slides, and dunk tanks are a great way to keep your guests cool!  BYOT (Bring your own towels!)  Reservations for these go fast so be sure to make yours before the end of May to ensure you get the unit that best fits your party theme.

At Carnival Times we have some very exciting party rentals.  For private parties there's a new moonwalk in town:  try our Chaos Challenge or the Dual Lane Slide Combo.  Many party ideas come to mind.  Are you a Mizzou fan?  Corporate colors are Black and Yellow?  Construction industry?  Caution!  Both can be enjoyed by teens and adults too.

No worries, we have The Wrecking Ball!  Up to 4 can play at once on this  high energy game. If you need a little help with the planning we have plenty of ideas, such as cone races, hammer the nail, or excavation digs to name a few.

For those of you are looking to elevate the party, take a look at our new Leaps and Bounds (see the Big Baller video above for more details.) Wipeout has become a hugely popular party theme too!  Everything about this fun, colorful interactive inflatable is going to make your event the one everybody will be talking about.  No water required! But you can add a dunk tank for a bigger splash.   

And don't forget our fun food machines like Snokones, Cotton Candy, and Popcorn!  Go to our website carnivaltimes.com or visit our Facebook page, Carnival Times, Inc. to see the latest event pics and more!