Buyer Beware...

Carnival Times, Inc.  

We've seen many stories in the news this season regarding inflatable moon-bouncers getting picked up by strong, gusty winds that blow a poorly secured inflatable in the air.  Yes, this can happen, and even more stories could be told.  This type of news involving accidents can be frightening. In recent years, rental companies and trade associations have been working together to create a "culture of safety."

Not all inflatable devices and inflatable companies are the same.  Many of the safety problems that arise are due to a lack of proper education on the part of inflatable rental companies, and rental companies who are providing inflatable devices that are not applicable to the ASTMF 2374-04 Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation and Maintenance of Inflatable Amusement Devices, and insurance requirements.

Since the inflatable industry is still largely unregulated — except for states such as New Jersey that began regulating inflatables in 2002 — it isn't difficult to get into the business.

Buyer Beware  ~  Many smaller businesses who are now in the 'rental business" may be poorly educated on the industry standards and these practices.  As a consumer, please be sure you are working with a company that is providing inflatable equipment that meets commercial guidelines and the company itself is insured to the industry standard. 

In addition, the most common reason for incidences to occur is not following safety protocol.  Carnival Times is committed to Safety & Training for all employee's.  We cover all aspects for setup, maintenance and operation of inflatables, as well as a refresher course in step-by-step procedure at the beginning of each season.

It is also important to us, as a company who works directly with consumers for their party rental needs, that our products are manufactured by those companies who comply with the law and follow Consumer Product Safety Guidelines. 

As always, Party On!   Beverly Hills-Krueger